Boho-chic is beautiful!

There are styles that never go out of fashion, and Boho-chic style is one of the most striking. The pioneers in the world of haute couture, who brought boho-chic style to the masses, were actress Talita Getty, inimitable blues singer Janice Joplin and Stevie Knicks, known for working with Fleetwood Mac. Boho-chic is characterized by long flowing or multi-level skirts and dresses, peasant blouses with puffy sleeves, fringed shorts, ethnic details, embroidery and wooden decorations. On the feet most often are flat sandals with precious stones or massive boots. The style of freedom and romance, both chic and a bit “hippy”.

Celebrities who choose the boho style look very feminine and at the same time slightly sloppy. The actress Sienna Miller became the trendsetter of such a fashion in the noughties. Her image at the Glastonbury festival in 2004 generated a new wave of boho popularity. The followers of the model were even called Sienna. Inspired by the bohemian style, the actress together with her sister created the Twenty&Twelve brand.

Boho-chic dresses can be short, but most often it is maxi to the floor. The surface is decorated with prints and embroideries. A must-have accessory to alongside are massive jewelry. You can wear a denim vest or even an oversized sweater on top. The image is perfectly complemented by a wide-brimmed hat.

Fetiche Suances

Boho style with each new season conquers the world of fashion. What is the secret to the popularity of Boho? It is a stylish mix of incompatible things, such as delicate guipure dresses with country boots, lace with knitted clothes. Also, the Boho style is characterized by layering, a combination of various prints and fabric textures.

Fetiche Suances

The boho-chic style image is like a work of art: created from fabrics that differ in color, texture and ornament, from lace, colored threads and braid. Silhouettes are usually expanding or straight. Layering puts the right accents, and assemblies, draperies and tucks mask the silhouette of the body.

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